There are 700 missing indigenous girls and women in the state of Wyoming. You don’t know any of their names. There are thousands of missing Black girls and women and you don’t know any of their names, either. There are missing Black boys and men who are also persona non grata to local and national media.

You don’t know their names because the local and national media is owned, operated, managed, run, and hosted by predominantly white men and they decide what news you’ll see or in the case of missing Black or Indigenous women and girls, what you won’t…

In another wonderful indication that the 2022 midterms present opportunities for Democrats to gain seats, California Governor Gavin Newsom absolutely destroyed Republican white supremacist Larry Elder.

You read that right, former radio host Larry Elder is a white supremacist. It may come as a surprise to anyone either not paying attention or who doesn’t understand the concept of a Black man who is a white supremacist.

Black people as white supremacist are as old as white supremacists using Black people to market products ranging from soap, bleach, golf teas, pancakes, rice, and alcohol.

But in this case Larry Elder, who…

I’ve got five on it

Grab your forty

Let’s get keyed

When the senate returns on September 13th, these are the five priorities they must address, gain votes on, and pass. For the country to continue distancing itself from TFG and his racist administration and their Koch and Russian backed chaos agents, the Senate must take big bold steps to beat back those who sought and seek to destroy America.

The Biden/Harris administration have thus far proven to be effective at getting their priorities passed despite a few well planned hiccups along the way, and despite incessant and incorrect beltway…

The John Lewis Voting Rights Act is the most important legislation of the Biden/Harris administration.

Now that the “supreme” court has ruled that States can limit access to voting and dark money that funds campaigns is okay, the voting act is needed more than ever.

The court even had the white supremacy gall to say that if one doesn’t work or have wealth then we should expect different voting results/access. That should be shocking but with a court full of wealthy mostly white men it really comes as no surprise.

The ruling also provided more ammunition to those who rightly…

America has been in an intra-religious war for hundreds of years and it is time the nation that incorrectly bills itself as a “Christian nation” accepts a simple fact of its existence: Black American Christianity is a much better model for Christianity than white American Christianity.

For people seeking what organized American religion has to offer, Black Christianity will give you more of what you are looking for from religion, god, salvation, forgiveness, love, faith, and atonement — key Christian precepts that are central to the Christian faith. …

President Biden spoke to an indifferent nation and to a frenzied media about the US Military withdrawal from Afghanistan that is ongoing, and which leaves in its wake hundreds of thousands of dead Afghani, thousands of dead Americans, and over a trillion dollars in dead American greenbacks.

The withdrawal, haphazdardly set up by “the former guy” and then Secretary of State Pompeo, was set in motion when the former administration gently and politely asked the Pakistani government to release five-thousand peace-loving Taliban fighters. …

203 days since they were inaugurated under the watchful eye of a nation reeling from an attempted coup de tat by Trump’s militia, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala D. Harris can easily be considered the greatest presidential tandem in American history.

Outrageous? Hyperbole? Clickbait?

How about honest?

That’s right, honest, because if we are honest and factor how they came into office, the country they inherited, and where the country was headed on January 20th, it becomes clear that we are witnessing the most important President and Vice President team in U.S. history.

And a case can be…

Shontel Brown, (D-11) Ohio, decisively beat Nina Turner.

A simple sentence that hides so much anger, hatred, money, and anti-party efforts from so many people and politicians who also happen to want Democratic Party support.

Shontel Brown ran a smart, thoughtful, measured, and unity-building campaign that was heavy on local knowledge and interactions, filled with authentic outreach efforts to the most critical democratic voting bloc — Black voters, and buoyed by national grassroots efforts from small donors who also unanimously support President Joe Biden and MVP Kamala Harris.

Shontel Brown intelligently aligned herself with the party that just won the…

Photo by Jakayla Toney on Unsplash

Homophobia is a global problem, a problem in the Americas, a problem in your state, and it is a problem within all racial demographics — yes yours, too.

But let’s bring this closer to home. Homophobia is a problem within the Black community.

Now, let’s go a step further and drill down one more level: Far too many Black men — who say they are “straight” — are homophobic, and they are loud and often nasty with their homophobia.

But we know that because homophobia isn’t new, and the insults, “jokes” and slurs aren’t new or original either, they persist…

The GOP summer is full of national efforts to rouse their base into hating Black people, Black history, and Black voices from all aspects of education, from grade school to Ivy League schools.

It is hard to trace the exact moment Republicans across the nation collectively decided to gang up and use their thuggish political power to try to shut down Critical Race Theory and replace it with Critical Hate Theory, but if one thinks real hard, one will see that the ignition was lit on or about 1619.

Then fuel was added throughout the 18th century when Critical Hate…

Myron Clifton

Myron is slightly older than fifty, blogs @, lives in Sacramento, & likes telling stories about his late mom to his beloved daughter Leah.

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