Anti-Racism Resources for White People

Myron Clifton
10 min readJan 16, 2023

Black and white Americans have struggled to either overcome 401 years of brutal oppression (Black folk) or struggle to ignore 401 years of brutal oppression (white folk) and as a result Americans are entwined in a never ending ugly dance of racism, police brutality, terrible healthcare, and denial by the majority that threatens to rip the frayed seams of the country.

Black people have been talking, writing, singing, and educating white people about racism for four-hundred years but every time there’s a new uprising by Black people against — police brutality, government indifference, war, housing, jobs — white Americans are stunned and wonder “What happened?” which then lead to white people asking Black people to explain racism in a text message, via email, on Facebook, or in a group setting.

There are close to 200 million white people in America and roughly 40 million Black folk.

That’s a 5:1 ratio. Meaning every Black person has to explain racism to five white people.

Many have exceeded their quota.

We are exhausted from it.

White Americans are among the most formally educated people in world history and yet a significant portion want Black people to educate them about racism as if they haven’t lived in this country, read its books, watched its movies, watched the news, or lived in almost all-white neighborhoods.

White Americans overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump a known racist.

And those who didn’t vote for Donald and who are silent in the face of Black women and men being murdered by police are complicit.

Silence = Violence.

White Americans aren’t asking their teachers or professors, their executives or managers, their priests, preachers, or therapists to help them understand racism.

They are asking Black people.

But white people asking Black people about racism is revelatory:

White believe Black people can educate them about racism because they know we experience it from them, their



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