Be Excited to Endorse President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris

Myron Clifton
5 min readJan 31, 2024

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are the right presidential team now and for the 2024 election. The dynamic duo has successfully righted the many disasters of the Trump years while helping America Build Back Better — and then some over the past three-plus years.

Their list of first term accomplishments are numerous, far-reaching domestically and internationally, impactful by small -and large- scale measurements, and the accomplishments are inclusive of all Americans.

If one only watches network news, one will think the administration is struggling to find its 2024 campaign footing and fighting on equal levels with whomever the republican nominee will be.

That is wrong and the networks are misleading viewers and voters.

If one gets news from social media, especially Twitter or TikTok, they are getting fed an endless stream of republican talking points, propaganda from China, and misinformation and disinformation from Russia and other foreign states that hate America.

And if one gets its news from Fox News, one is getting Trump gibberish, Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, and a steady stream of white nationalist lies.

And, if one gets news from The Breakfast Club, The Shade Room, Tiffany Cross, Angela Rye, Charlamagne, Meek Mill, Killer Mike, Nicki Minaj, Kanye, Snoop Dogg, Luther Campbell, Candace Owens, or Nina Turner, one is getting garbage from the rappers, and salty hate from the Black media folk who are still mad their chosen one Elizabeth Warren isn’t president, and even madder she wasn’t chosen over Kamala Harris for vice president.

But it is not just republicans, rappers, or biased journalists who are on the bash President Biden and VP Harris anti-campaign trail.

Cori Bush, Ilhan Ohan, Rashida Tlaib, and other far left democrats are fundraising by being anti-Biden and Harris, while they separately take credit for the administration's accomplishments.

And let’s not forget the unearned privileges loser brigade that includes bland human Lego man Dean Phillips, the white Mrs. Cleo, Marianne Williamson, and buffoon bro Andrew Yang.

You see? The information superhighway is full of potholes and trash and missing traffic signs that point the way to the Biden-Harris success stories.

The Biden Harris team is historically consequential and presently outstanding.

They successfully calibrated the federal government and put it back on track to work toward advancing democracy, preserving federal lands and Native lands, rebuilding infrastructure, modernizing rural technology, eliminating student debt, and restarted climate work.

The team, working with democrats across the big tent, got record numbers of judges confirmed — including historic numbers of women and Black women.

They have taken on science, healthcare, women’s and girls rights to abortion and access to pre and postnatal care, Black women’s maternal health, and safety and protection for immigrants.

They strengthened consumer protections, eliminated excess banking fees, and passed the strongest gun control measures in a generation.

President Biden has consoled the nation after mass shootings, and VP Harris deftly woo’d, soothed, and won the respect of global leaders as she visited numerous nations to advance U.S. interests. She also rallied international support for Ukraine, conducted the highest level tour of African nations, and spent months visiting college campuses to extoll all of the above and more.

The team has overseen the economic recovery pundits and republicans said could not be done. There are more jobs, lower unemployment, higher wages, and the lowest Black unemployment ever -as the first term policies take hold in all sectors, including the record-breaking stock market, lower gas and oil prices, and stronger unions in major industries.

What could be better? Plenty, including the administration and its surrogates actively and relentlessly tell the nation what they’ve accomplished, how it matters to each person, and what more can and will be done with a second administration.

Detractors, foreign agents, and republicans are actively running anti-Biden-Harris campaigns across all social media platforms, and via email and text.

Rank and file democratic voters want more success stories and fewer defensive stories that respond to the latest bullshit from a minimally attended Trump rally.

The calls for the administration to brag are coming from stalwart and newer democratic voters who are tired of playing react and respond instead of brag and attack, as Plies colorfully says in this video.

And as is clearly stated here, even when the administration does brag, they are efficient, accurate, and boring — not the way to win views, shares, and likes on social media which is critical to being in front of stories and setting the narratives rather than always reacting to negative narratives.

The administration is full of capable and savvy social media staff who run a tight rapid response team. And they’ve just hired a new person specifically to increase online outreach to Black voters:

The outreach is important because Biden/Harris must secure the base of the party, Black voters, and ensure the important demographic is heard, knows what the administration is doing and will do for the community, and to aggressively combat the endless stream of misinformation specifically directed at the community.

With the most important election in our lifetimes it remains a singular priority to re-elect the best presidential team in history. We are voting for the very life of American democracy and there can be no equivocation on whether to vote or who to vote for.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have earned a second term and they’ve earned your vote.



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