Is Donald Trump Eligible for Rehire?

Myron Clifton
2 min readDec 20, 2023

Is the recently separated candidate, Donald Trump, eligible for rehire?


NO — X

If NO is selected please provide brief explanation.

Donald Trump mismanaged Covid resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths, job losses, and permanently closed small and large businesses.

He released 5k Taliban terrorists, exited the Paris Agreement, and ruined the economy by giving massive tax breaks to only wealthy Americans and made it so that middle class and poor Americans would pay for the tax breaks.

Donald Trump allowed his family to illegally enrich themselves, especially his daughter, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, despite neither passing security clearance.

Donald Trump separated children from families at the southern border and allowed Nancy DeVos and Louis DeJoy to devastate public schools and the United States Postal Service, respectively.

Donald Trump attacked government employees, military leaders, law enforcement, and other government institutions with lies and falsehoods with alarming regularity. Donald Trump ignored the separation of powers, threatened civilians with retaliatory actions, and encouraged police violence against peaceful protestors.

Donald Trump was accused (since convicted) of rape, he attacked allies while supplicating himself to Russia, and he spewed homophobic, racist, misogynistic pollution with comfortable regularity.

And finally, Donald Trump supported white supremacists who attacked Black and Jewish Americans, and he encouraged civil war which culminated in an insurrection on January 6th that nearly toppled American democracy — During said insurrection he abandoned his oath and duties while he and his co-conspirators gleefully watched and waited for the outcome they had long planned for — the end of the peaceful transfer of power.

For the above and many other reasons too numerous to include, and due to his subsequent numerous illegal activities he’s been accused of — stealing government documents and nuclear secrets and sharing those with foreign and domestic civilians and enemies of the state, Donald Trump is unfit for the presidency or any other government position and is not eligible for rehire.



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