Missing: Media Coverage of Missing Black & Indigenous Women

Myron Clifton
5 min readSep 22, 2021

There are 700 missing indigenous girls and women in the state of Wyoming. You don’t know any of their names. There are thousands of missing Black girls and women and you don’t know any of their names, either. There are missing Black boys and men who are also persona non grata to local and national media.

You don’t know their names because the local and national media is owned, operated, managed, run, and hosted by predominantly white men and they decide what news you’ll see or in the case of missing Black or Indigenous women and girls, what you won’t see. Those white men have no interest in covering stories of non-white girls they don’t consider pretty enough, blond enough, innocent enough, or interesting enough.

But before all the blame is placed on the white media, an equal amount of blame must be directed at the police, sheriffs, and the FBI — all of whom refuse to treat missing non-white people with the energy they give when any white girl or women goes missing.

A country obsessed with policing Black bodies in public spaces finds no energy to “see” us when we need them to.

We are too visible when it doesn’t matter and too invisible when it does.

A missing white woman was found this week. Her body was dumped and found a week after she was murdered by her boyfriend. A boyfriend given grace by the police who had stopped them after it was reported they were “fighting” in the car. The police-man gave the abuser all the grace the man’s whiteness demanded and required. His whiteness meant more than her whiteness, of course, so he was given a hotel to stay in for the night because the police-man wanted him safe, warm, and protected from the small crying white woman in the car.

So of course, later on the now safe, warm, and police-approved man murdered the woman before returning to his parent’s home in Florida. The loving parents hid him, lied for him, and helped him — a murderer — escape police. And now they are facing charges for obstruction because they feel their little murdering son is actually a nice fellow.

Now the murderer is on the run and the police-man who gently handled and warmly processed him is defending his own complicity in the eventual murder. Never fear…



Myron Clifton

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