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4 min readApr 26, 2023

Does that headline bother you? Do you think it is extreme or hyperbole? Or maybe you think the headline is clickbait, trolling, or a left wing attack on a group of innocent moms?

If you’ve followed Moms for Liberty then you will recognize the accuracy of the headline.

Moms for Liberty are Domestic Terrorists. They focus on public schools, on children who are trying to understand their sexuality, and on school administrators and teachers who compassionately care for and help guide and direct children through some of the most difficult times of their young lives.

They provide a safe place — far too often a safe place from homes and churches — and a place kids can ask questions, share fears, and freely express themselves about… whatever they want without judgement or retribution.

Moms for Liberty oppose all of the aforementioned benefits children receive from public servants.

But opposition isn’t domestic terrorism you may say.

It is when it comes from that group.

They weaponize the word “Mom” like the republicans they are. We all know “Mom” as they use it, doesn’t include Black or brown moms. That title is the exclusive purview of white mothers. It is a differentiator for white women because it gives them distance from “Momma” Mama” “Mami” and other titles non-white women use.

Mom gives them distance and makes them feel superior, the same way “Soccer mom” is used exclusively for white women.

Moms for Liberty aren’t advocating for “All kids” but for “White kids” only. They don’t care about Black children or Latino/Hispanic children.

In fact, they oppose Black school superintendents on sight and will work to have them fired precisely because they are Black.

America has a short memory that causes the nation to repeat the same failed approaches to problems that plague the country. The nation struggles to move forward because far too many people don’t know its history.

The Moms for Liberty are emblematic of this national amnesia. They are not new, unique, or creative. They are old news of white people, particularly white women, attempting to control what all kids learn in school.

They are today’s Daughters of the Confederacy who for decades determined what information was included in k-12 textbooks. The Daughters of the Confederacy saw to it that the lazy confederate genociders who split the nation because they insisted on their god-given right to own, rape, kill, maim, and buy and sell humans, was right.

The Daughters of the Confederacy fundraised and worked political hallways to get their white male politicians to erect grotesque monuments to confederate. They made certain kids didn’t learn actual history, didn’t learn accurate Black, Asian, Latino, or Indigenous history while making sure we all learned whitewashed history and fairy tales about the nation’s founding.

They are the soft faces of white supremacy. They get favorable news stories, kind interviews, and social media soft-pedaling of their detestable white supremacist, homophobic, transphobic, hate.

They are the daughters of Anita Bryant.

They are the daughters of White Flight.

They are the daughters of Charter Schools

They are the daughters of School Vouchers

They are the daughters of Public School Defunding

They are the daughters of Police in Black/brown Schools but Computers in white schools

And they are the Daughters of We Know What is Better than You What is Best for Your Kid.

Don’t be fooled though because it is not only republican white women who do these shenanigans.

They are like the parents in the podcast series Nice White Parents who loudly advocated for progressive textbooks, integrated schools, and demands that schools be fair to all races. Good goals and through it all the good white parents still didn’t chose to send their kids to the integrated schools, preferring all-white private schools. But they were self-satisfied they had made certain the Black and brown kids schools were integrated.

As we move closer to the 2024 election… wait, not that line again!

Yes, that line, because Moms for Liberty are currently weaponizing their power to actively harm kids of all colors who are trying their best to understand themselves, their bodies, and their sexuality in a safe welcoming environment.

Elizabeth Eckford ignoring Mom for Liberty-type

In contrast, Moms for Liberty are advocating harm, punishment, suspensions, firing of administrators, and worse all because they desire to control their kids, your kids, my kids, and all kids.

Moms for Liberty is a Domestic Terrorist group and they must be stopped before they can do more lasting harm to children.

Call them out, shout them down at school board meetings, and vote against any candidate who capitulates to the soft-faced domestic terrorists.



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