Republicans “Ain’t Your Little Friends”

Myron Clifton
6 min readJun 28, 2022

The Grand Old Party died. The GOP of your parents and grandparents passed away some time ago, with little fanfare and no eulogies.

You don’t remember going to the republican funeral but you were there.

Well, you were there if you were alive in 1980 when Ronald Reagan kicked off his presidential campaign in a racist stronghold of Philadelphia, Mississippi, where he championed “states rights” in the city where the infamous mass murder of Civil Rights workers James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Mickey Schwerner happened. The Black and Jewish champions of Civil Rights were murdered by the Klan in that very city, and Reagan and the GOP thought that was the perfect place to call out to southern racists to support his candidacy.

And he won, twice.

Or you may have been there when Bush Sr. replaced Thurgood Marshall, an American champion of civil rights, with the first (known) Supreme Court sexual abuse candidate, Clarence Thomas, who was unqualified but they knew he would serve their longterm purposes we are seeing play out today. But at the time, they also were excited to stick it to Black democratic voters and white Democratic Party leaders by forcing them to publicly go against a Black man by forcing him to defend sexual abuse charges before the senate and nation. The GOP’s plan to siphon away Black male voters had started.

You were there when the GOP attempted to destroy Hillary Clinton when she championed healthcare, when she wouldn’t stand by her cheating husband, and when she had the audacity to raise a strong, confident daughter. You were there when the GOP attacked Chelsea’s looks when she was a child.

You were there when the GOP cheated Al Gore in Florida and at the Supreme Court. You were there when the GOP swift boated the military record of John Kerry.

You were there when the GOP said President Obama wasn’t American, wasn’t Christian, and when they said all the vile…

Myron Clifton

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