Save Our Imperfect Union — Vote Blue

Myron Clifton
4 min readApr 26, 2024

Hillary Clinton, former President Obama, and First Lady Michelle Obama warned voters about the Supreme Court being lost for generations, losing access to abortions, being unable to vote, or marry interracially, and other rollbacks that we are seeing them give to religious nuts and maga.

We all know our media dropped all the balls while they slurped up Trump and maga spillage, and prominent left wing media voices were propped up for saying the same crap. Candace Owens, Cenk, Susan Sarandon, Shaun King, and many Bernard Sanders followers pushed the same crap.

They and others disparaged Obama and Hillary saying they were trying to scare voters into supporting democrats.

Who were some of the others pushing those lies? The Breakfast Club clowns, writers from The Shade Room and The Root. Rappers like Kanye, Killer Mike, and other Black media and celebrities who made a few quick bucks dumping on democrats.

Don’t forget former presidential candidates who did the same.

Russian stooges Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbert. There was Lieberman, too. And still more — Van Jones. Jon Stewart. Trevor Noah. Michael Harriott. Marc Lamont Hill. There was Hugh Hewitt, Michael Steele, and Bill Kristo.

Sadly, there are so many more.

We remember.

Oh, don’t forget the douche bros who hated Hillary so much they decided this was something they should do…this We remember.. Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor, Jon Lovett, and Dan Pfeiffer.

And do you know what some, not all, of those dumb-dumbs are now doing? Parroting right wing crap about President Biden and VP Harris. Claiming Trump2 won’t be so bad because he would do better in Middle East. Claiming every good thing that has happened since 2020.. hasn’t happened.

They’re whining about what *might happen to TikTok, but not what is happening in Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida or dozens of other states outlawing abortion, forcing former felons to pay for being in prison in order to prevent them from voting as the Supreme Court said they could, eliminating child labor protections, and arming teachers, among other horrors.

They are loudly telling Democratic voters not to vote because it doesn’t matter. That Democrats and Republicans are the same.

They tell these lies despite decades of proof that democratic administrations improve the economy, health metrics, wages, inflation, environment, healthcare, public schools, and employment. Despite their lived experience (if they survived covid under Trump) they are loudly proclaiming.. democrats are the issue — this is national gaslighting on such a massive scale and far too many democrats are falling for it.

The same naysayers telling you not to vote or that both parties are the same, are giddily enjoying campus riots, blocked roads and airport access. And they are waiting for violence at the Chicago Democratic convention with the fervor they usually reserve for a big movie, video game, or album drop.

These anarchists, nihilists, and losers come from all races and socioeconomic categories.

Their intent is to discourage YOU from participatory democracy because they crave chaos -they crave it until it hits them just like the January 6th folk standing before judges crying they made a mistake and got caught up. Just like antivax folk dying of covid.. When the sh*t hits them in the face, they all of a sudden want all the paxlovid and healthcare they can get. They didn’t think of that when bragging about not wearing a mask, or when they stormed the capitol and/or celebrated storming the capitol.

They plead for their own safety, leniency from republican judges, help from police, and forgiveness from family, friends, and society at large.

But you know what? Nope. Fuck them all.

This isn’t a game and there’s too much to lose by following all those loud fools into the abyss.

Because if we lose this imperfect thing we have, it’s never coming back. There’s no foreign nation coming to the rescue. In fact, it’ll be the opposite with the greatest international pile-on imagined.

We are it. We are our own saviors. And we do that by voting BLUE in overwhelming numbers.


Biden/Harris 2024



Myron Clifton

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