Spoutible — A New Experience That Feels Familiar

Myron Clifton
9 min readJan 30

I have been a Beta tester for Spoutible, the new social media site/app that goes live February 1, 2023. Christopher Bouzy’s Spoutible is the first Black-owned viable competitor to Twitter.

And it can’t be missed that he is launching Spoutible on the first day of Black History Month.

With 150,000+ pre-registrations, Bouzy hopes to make a big enough splash to quickly reach a million users — a milestone that he hopes puts Spoutible quickly on the road to accelerated growth and success that has so far eluded other Twitter competitors. He says Spoutibe will be able to simultaneously handle one-million concurrent users at launch.

Spoutible aims to compete with and replace Twitter as a go-to social media gathering place for users who instant information, follower engagement, trending pop stories and breaking news, and immediate access to the famous and infamous celebrities, athletes, and government officials.

Spoutible is also for social media users who want better security, fewer bots and trolls, and less targeted hate.

And because Mr. Bouzy is in charge, he has draped Spoutible with the same controls in his widely used and universally lauded Bot Sentinel https://botsentinel.com/info/about program which provides numerous data that helps combat misinformation and disinformation.

Spoutible will thus be a platform that has safeguards against harmful conspiracy theories of that type that flooded Twitter in the lead up to the 2020 election and which contributed to covid denials and deaths.

What is more, the platform will be a wall against all bots, including those that have long harassed Black people — especially Black women — and women in general, Jewish people, and lgbtqi+ communities.

Bouzy has committed to preventing the app from being overrun by white supremacists, nazi-promoters, and single-purpose hate accounts like those who target Vice President Kamala Harris and Meghan Markle, and those who routinely produce offensive memes and gifs of former President and Flotus, Barack and Michelle Obama.

Finally, accounts suspended will remain suspended. Bouzy has promised not to repeat the failures of Musk and Twitter, so Spoutible will not suspend then

Myron Clifton

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