The Emancipation of the Republican Party

Myron Clifton
6 min readJan 18

The Grand Old Party has been renewed and refreshed for the new century.

No longer shackled by the weight of being called “The Party of Lincoln,” or faced with recruiting candidates with ethics, vision for improving America, or championing the rule of law or, hell, the constitution, the new GOP are free to be their true selves.

The republican has been emancipated.

The party has been emancipated from trying to even appear like a legitimate political party. They’ve been relieved of having to pretend to have Binders full of women and a platform to bring non-white people into the party.

Oh, they’ll still pull in a Black man from the fields like Herschel Walker, Tim Scott, or Byron Donalds, and use them to give the media a story that can use to mislead viewers and readers about diversity and outreach as a false comparison against the democratic party.

Clarence Thomas is the doorman to the big house who will greet his new Black friends.

And the new GOP will feed their white voters faux street cred by pushing washed up Black entertainers — Kanye, Killer Mike, etc., — who have zero influence or clout with Black voters but who make white republican voters feel cool in that way your sixty year-old uncle is cool when he leaves his wife, and shows his new tattoos and hair plugs when he returns from his Arizona trip with his twenty-year old iowaska instructor girlfriend.

The New GOP is now the party of Kevin McCarthy, Marjorie Taylor Green, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, and George Anthony Santos-Devolder-Keyser Soze. They are now the most influential and powerful members of the party that worked so hard to elevate the best-worst politicians they could find and afford.

A newly emancipated GOP no longer has to pretend to even care about governing, helping seniors, kids, small businesses, law enforcement, or even the military. They got in office and let their authentic selves vote with their hearts.

Republicans are now free to realize their goals to dismantle the intelligence community, and defund the FBI.

Myron Clifton

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