The Greatest Presidential Team Ever. Still.

Myron Clifton
7 min readAug 10, 2022

I first wrote this article on August 11, 2021, and now I am writing it again because not only does the premise remain true, the dynamic duo has extended the gap between them and the next best presidential duo.

The Greatest Presidential Team Ever. *so far

Two hundred and three days since they were inaugurated under the watchful eye of a nation reeling from an attempted coup detat by Trump’s militia, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala D. Harris…


Two years into their historical administration, Team Biden/Harris continue to raise the bar, extend their winning streak for the people, and set a standard for future administrations on how to successfully govern in the new century.

They took over a nation reeling from an attempted insurrection and stolen election, from a corrupt and compromised former president who trampled on political norms and broke multiple laws, all the while damaging international relationships. They took over a nation sick with Covid, that had record unemployment, and that had allowed millions to die from Covid due to over a year of medical malpractice from Donald Trump and his inept team of idiots.


Not at all. Take a look the Biden/Harris legislative and other accomplishments:

Inflation Reduction Act — Prescription drug pricing reform, Energy Security and Climate Change -reduce carbon emissions by ~40%, IRS Tax enforcement for wealthy, extends Affordable Care Act, 15% Corporate Minimum Tax, Carried Interest loophole.

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American Rescue Plan — $1.9T Covid stimulus Package & Economic Stimulus

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Build Back Better — High quality care for seniors, free universal preschool, child tax credits, plus climate and environmental justice components.

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Infrastructure Law — Jobs, no more lead pipes, high speed internet, roads, bridges, airports, public transit, electric vehicles, passenger rail, and environmental remediation

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