Trump Will Attack Before We Vote

Myron Clifton
6 min readMar 13, 2024

I think Trump’s people will attack voters before the federal election this time. He and his forces learned from last time that “Stopping the count” is ineffective so this time they will attack before we vote.

The attacks will be in battleground states and ley districts within those states. Purple areas, areas with heavy Black voter turnout, and areas in danger of flipping from GOP to Democratic are the most likely places Trump forces will target.

They may attack a few other places just to sow confusion, spread intimidation, and to give the impression of a broader nationally coordinated attack.

Trump’s efforts to stop the count worked to an extent because the count was delayed, Congress disrupted, and uncertainty spread to all corners of the nation.

The January 6th attack on the Capitol and the subsequent siege proved to his followers they could coordinate a large-scale attack out in the open and get away with it. And even though thousands of insurrectionists have been charged and jailed, the leaders of the insurrection remain free to plan the next attack.

The leaders are in Congress and state legislatures in every state. They are in mass media and on every social media apps, particularly on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

They are in police forces, sheriff offices, and on the courts all the way to the Supreme Court.

I believe Trump’s supporters learned from last time and will pivot to stop voting versus stop counting votes.

Once the attacks happen — I would say in the days leading to November 5th, and before too many mail-in ballots have been tabulated.

Once the attacks happen, Trump will call for a delay in voting, to disallow all mail-in votes, blame the unrest of democrats and President Biden, and then somehow proclaim himself the duly elected president.

He and republicans will propose a new election date that’ll be months later, call for President Biden and VP Harris to step down (since their terms will end) and call on the Supreme Court to intervene and allow their chosen leader to be interim president until new elections are held.

The new elections will be in person only with all votes subject to certification and oversight by republican officials loyal to Trump.

Voting locations in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Alabama, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and of course Texas (Houston and Austin), and Florida are also possible.

I would also expect something also in New York and California just because republicans love to express their hate against the blue states.

But it won’t be only from Trump and republicans.

We have seen months of protests by leftists who are mad that Israel is waging war on Hamas following Hamas’ terrorist attack on October 7th, 2023. Hamas has refused to agree on any proposed ceasefire that requires them to release Israeli hostages.

President Biden and VP Harris diplomatic efforts are being ignored by domestic leftists who have been protesting, blocking roads and airports, and showing up to disrupt democratic events. The protestors never show up to republican events because they have no real interest in Palestine or the war. Donald Trump has said he will work with Israel to “Finish the job” in Gaza, and republicans are meeting face to face with Netanyahu.. but the protesters are more interested in telling city councils to support a ceasefire rather than help end the war with the only party interested in ending the war.

Like Trump, the leftist protestors will attempt to disrupt voting because they are being encouraged by foreign interests — Russia, China, and Netanyahu, who are working to disrupt our democracy. They are more likely to attack in traditionally “Blue” states and districts since they know to expect protection from local police — the type of protection they would not receive in heavily republican “Red” districts.

There isn’t a court case that can stop Trump before the election, so hoping for help from the courts or from lawsuits is a silly endeavor. Not Georgia, not Florida, not D.C., and not New York. The Justice Department will continue doing what they have been doing the past four years — slowly, methodically, and inexorably tediously managing the legal minutia required of the law and the courts. Don’t expect any help from them because even if the DOJ presents anything that disqualify Trump from the presidency, the Supreme Court will not co-sign their decision.

Don’t count on the Supreme Court to stop Trump. He has the majority on the court, and they’ve worked hand-in-hand with his lawyers to grant him every leniency and exception needed to keep his candidacy alive. The 5–4 Court is ruled by conservatives who are right wing, extremely conservative Catholics who believe every American should be forced to live according to their catholic beliefs.

I fully expect the Court to rubber-stamp his candidacy when they agree with his claim in immunity at the end of this session of the court at the end of April.

So where does that leave Democrats and those who love democracy, who plan to vote, and who want to re-elect President Biden and VP Kamala Harris?

We are left in a precarious position of having save democracy for everyone, even those who are working to end American democracy.

We have to vote in overwhelming numbers no matter the suppression that will ramp up, no matter the intimidation, and no matter the media and social media efforts to push Trump’s candidacy.

We also should begin reaching out to local law enforcement to demand protection at voting locations — and employ citizens to do the same, especially but not exclusively in hotly contested districts and states.

We have to be as loud and as forceful as the opposition — online, on all the social media apps, and of course with family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

Contested federal elections are the norm now — as they have been in all democracies ever — even in the United States. But up to now, those counter-voting efforts have only targetted Black voters. Now, white democratic voters in contested areas are getting a taste of what Black voters, particularly but not exclusively in the South, have long encountered.

As Black voters have proven, the best defense against voter suppression and intimidation is.. to never back down, never stop voting, and never give in.

Our democracy depends on everyone following the decades-long example set by Black voters.



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